Improve Your Chest

Most will agree that the chest is one of the most popular and trainable muscle groups. A well-developed chest is important not only because the chest is responsible for all forward pushing movements of the upper body, but also a strong thick chest looks great.

  One, if not the most recognizable body builders in the world, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  best assets were his incredible pecs. I've heard judges and women say "the first thing I see is a well developed chest." So I have been doing some research to see what's new and what's old and known about training for a thick chest.

 Lets start with some basics; the chest is one large muscle that is separated into two parts. The Clavicular pectoris, and the Sternal pectoris.  Upper and lower. So we have to train them separately with exercises that most closely isolate them. The lesson to be learned here is that incline bench press is just as important as flat bench press. But these are not the only chest building exercise we can do, it is also critical to do as many different chest exercises as possible to build the surrounding muscle groups that support and add to the overall size and appearance of the chest. Dumbbell exercises allow for maximum in range of motion, cables give variety in angle, both important for shaping and a finished look. But it's hard to beat basic barbell exercises for maximum size and strength.

 Eventually you will have to divide the chest into not only upper and lower but also inner and outer. Pectoris major and pectoris minor. At this level you will begin to learn which specific areas of you're chest need special attention. Machines can give you specific and strict angles to work problem areas. Cables again can give you flexibility to hit a variety of angles. This flexibility and wide range of exercises available to work the chest allows for a lot of potential for a thick chest.

 Varieties, consistency, and proper form with heavy weights are some basic keys to a thick chest. Diet, rest, and dedication are always just as important. Remember to use everything that's available to you, and pay attention to what works best for you. Most of all be safe with yourself .

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Improve Your Chest
Most will agree that the chest is one of the most popular and trainable muscle groups.

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