Getting Ripped

Ripped, shredded, cut, we all know the terms, but for many, attaining this look can be impossible. It's true that each person differs at some particular level as far as physical capabilities are concerned.

The High Fat, Low Carb Approach

Some people are more prone to getting leaner than others. But sometimes illusion can fool the naked eye. People can hold higher amounts of body fat but at the same time appear somewhat chiseled. This leaves a puzzled thought wondering " how the?......"

Lets put an end to the questions and lets target your body with a sure fire way to getting shredded like wheat! (no pun intended.)

The approach we are going to take is one that seemed to be lost in the shuffle among other credible diets. Many bodybuilders back in the "Arnold" days and even before that used the high fat method and were very successful.

Of course in those days, eating high amounts of red meat and drinking milk were the only sources of protein they had. But with a high fat diet, one must compensate the fat calories by cutting their carbohydrate calorie intake. Taking in a high amount of quality fats such as unsaturated forms can keep you full much like ingesting high amounts of carbs.

With a high fat intake you can actually take in higher amounts water without spilling over. This is actually one of the key attributes to this diet because you can afford to be more flexible with hydrating yourself. This is a common problem found within pre-contest bodybuilding dieting.

As far as supplementation, "fat burners" actually do help in accelerating fat loss. I've heard rumors and outspoken remarks from people stating that "they" don't work. Of course many of these people adhere to the 40-30-30 type diets and regulate themselves to training regimens that entail few sets and cheesy exercises.

Usually supplements that are best in aiding to burn fat have terms like "standardized," "thermogenic," or "thermogenesis" written on the label. Keep in mind one should always know there own physical status such as a history of high blood pressure and/or heart conditions.

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Getting Ripped
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